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    NEW Semi Automatic Welding aid for steel rules / cutting rules from 8 to 100 mm

    Price on request

    NEW! Semi Automatic Welding aid. Special developed apparatus to clamp bended steel rules (such as circles, squares, rectangles and other shapes) in order to weld the ends perfectly together. The torch of your welder will move automaticaly over a predefined section of the steel rule. To this system you need a TIG-welder (Argon-welder) which you can buy locally (not included in our sales price) or we can supply one from the Netherlands. Example: Lincoln Invertec 170TPX.  Altough it is straight forward concept, we do offer training (Netherlands).

    Consistent weldings.
    Highest quality welds.
    High volume production .
    Unskilled employees can run this machine.

    Cutting rules from 8 to 100 mm.
    1,5 - 8 pt. Depending on holder.
    Automatic or Manual mode.
    Price includes 5 set of tools, see pictures.
    W620 mm. x D810 mm. x H1300 mm.
    Price is ex works Korea

    Technical specification

    Article number 39116
    condition(5) Very good condition, almost new
    In production
    Upon request
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