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    Wanted machines.
    We are constantly looking for the following machines

    Machines wanted

    We are always looking for the following machines


    • Laser: Cutlite Penta, Lasercomb,  Eurolaser, Elcede (Flatbed + Rotary)
    • Milling Machine for steel counterplates, Datron, Lasercomb, Kimla, Cosign, Elcede
    • Milling machine (cutter) for Pertinax: CombiPro, Cosign, Serviform, Elcede, Lasercomb
    • Waterjet cutting machine for rubber: Elcede, Marbajet, Lasercomb, Serviform, 
    • Automatic bending machines Ultrabender, Richly-Top, EasyBender, Multibender, Serviform
    • Digital  rubber cutter: CombiPro, Clear, Atom

    Carton Converting

    • Bobst Die-cutter, from model SP106 up to SP145.
    • Make-ready tables for Bobst die-cutters
    • Brausse / ETERNA die-cutters, Hot-Foil stampers
    • Sample-makers Kongsberg, Zünd, Aristo, Lasercomb
    • Digital Cutting tables: Aristo, Zünd, Kongsberg, Lasercomb
    • Die-room equipment
    • Racks for cutting dies / cutting formes

    In case you can offer one of the above mentioned machines, please send us an e-mail at: togehter with pictures from the machine, also from the machine-label and video