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    Auto bending machine

    This are machines, which work from the roll and process plus bend automatically the steel rules used in cutting dies / forms, The first automatic mender was shown in 1993 at an exhibition in England. The market reacted sceptic at that time and indeed the popularity started in 1999, also pushed by Mike Adams, who made the EasyBender known in USA and Europe.

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    RichlyTop BB014 for steel rule 23.80 x 2 pt.
    RichlyTop BB014 for steel rule 23.80 x 2 pt.
    condition(5) Very good condition, almost new
    EasyBender turbo for 2 & 3 pt. rules
    EasyBender turbo for 2 & 3 pt. rules
    condition(3) Running condition, suggest maintenance


    European producers like Elcede and Serviform had before of the automatic benders the so called semi-automatic rule processors: first cut/lip and notched, in a separate machine bend, by foot, pneumatic or hydraulic assistance.
    In the year 2000, with exhibitions in Dusseldorf and Paris, the Die-makers had the chance to compare the developments made by several suppliers from Germany, Italy, Japan and Korea. Manufacturers also from the USA (CNC) and Denmark (Varo) were at that time in the market. 

    Steel rule

    An important step in the development of this technology was the innovation of the steel rule, which become another hardness in the body and a constant bendability. Today, the production and sale of steel rules in rolls (coils) is a must and covers a huge part of the production capacity. 

    Over the years the automatic benders become several innovations, like broaching, nicking and where able also to create perforating rules, cut-crease combinations and at least side broaching. 

    In the past 15 years more and more players from China offered “autobenders”,  just one producer could offer machines in the quality and reliability western countries wanted to have.

    Automatic benders for rules over 50 mm height rules are only offered by European companies. Italy and Korea are the only countries offering automatic benders for curved rules.

    Up until this day

    Today probably around 3500 Die-makers are using automatic bending machines