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    We offer 3 ways to deal with your surplus machine:

    1. You make an offer on your surplus machine:

    • If the machine is a standard machine, we decide within of 1 week if we buy it or not
    • You don´t have to deal with anybody, you don´t have any risk.
    • We maybe refurbish and re-sell the machine
    • We need  all possible  data (age, is it running?, etc etc), pictures and video

    2. We place all data of your machine:

    • We deal with all prospects and negotiate with them
    • We sell the machine under your account and assist you in the logistics
    • We charge you with 10% commission for the sale

    3. We place and advert for you: 

    • You send us specs, pics and video of your machine.
    • We place it in the web with your contact data
    • The prospect buyers from all over the world get direct in contact with you
    • No other charge, than the cost for the advert
    • More details and tariff click here