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    NEW Mounting Cylinder to rule rotary cutting dies

    Cylinder for mounting steel rules
    Price on request

    NEW Mounting Cylinders to mount rotary cutting dies used in rotary die-cutting of corrugated board. 
    Cylinders to fix the rotary shell and allow the seter to set the steel rules.
    Many options:

    * Any length, any diameter
    * Mounted on a steel rack (frame)
    * A-Type or T-Type?
    * The "working height" according your preference
    * With or without wheels
    * Different wall thickness
    * Any kind & quantity of holes and thread
    * With other additional fixing systems (posi-lock, etc.)
    * With or whithout brake
    * With or without gear-box to rotate the cylinder easier by hand
    * Also as DRUM for your rotary die-cutter

    Technical specification

    Article number 55004
    condition(5) Very good condition, almost newNEW
    On request2-3 month
    built in