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    Manual Welding aid for steel rules / cutting rules from 8 to 100 mm

    Price on request
    NEW welding aid. Device specially developed to correctly fix bent steel rules for
    weld them perfectly together. To this system you need to add a TIG (Argon-welder) welder. Which you can buy
    locally (not included in the indicated price) or that we can deliver from the Netherlands, also with training (Netherlands).
    We have good references in Europe.
    The price includes 3 sets of tools (zig´s) and is based EXW Korea.

    Technical specification

    Article number 7000B
    condition(5) Very good condition, almost new
    In production
    Upon request
    Brand name


    3763_2020080890213_G&G TECH G7000B TIG Argon Manual Welding Machine - Base Set without Inverter 20191216.pdf