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***SOLD*** Gerber Profile 408, Router for making dies

Article number32027
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Detailed information

Machine Type Used / second hand CNC Router (milling machine) GERBER PROFILE 408,
Router for producing cutting dies / cutting formes and all tools for die-cutting:
die-board with 1,5; 2; 3 or 4 pt. kerf for the steel rule dies, in two parts
- upper and lower stripping boards,
- upper and lower blanking boards
- phenolic counter or Pertinax counters.
- Some companies use it also for steel counters
- sample making of solid board (cut & crease tool)
- Vacuum Press (for glueing faster both parts togehter)

Pre owned Gerber Profile 408 CNC router for sale
Price: as it is, ex works MEXICO (plus sea-packaging if for overseas)
Please view the video to understand all functions.
Brand name Gerber Innovations
Model Profile 408
Build in 2007
In Production Not longer, can be seen in MEXICO, we can offer it running
Availability about 2 weeks after Ordering
Condition Will be completely revised before of delivery



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