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***SOLD*** Laser 2000 Watt - COMBO Flat & Rotary CO2-laser Data Technology, for Diemaking

Article number31070
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Detailed information

Machine Type

Very fast machine! Very well maintained! With lot´s of spares included
Used / second hand laser for die-making / cutting formes

Flat table:
Model: FL 9660.
X/Y table with working area of 2438/1524mm (96"x60").
The machine was fully rebuilt 2010-2016 includes:
1. Linear bearings.
2. Spindles (bolts and nuts).
3. Servo motors and encoders, include bigger X axis motor for higher acceleration.
4. CNC control (industrial pc with SSD), power supply and amplifiers.
5. Windows XP PC interface with "Frontend" user friendly software.
Rotary table:
Model: RL.
Separate unit with flexible floor setup by an extra folding mirror (includes).
Rotary table with working length of 3000mm (118").
Wood inner diameter 250-550mm.
Includes pneumatic drill.
The machine was upgraded by "GERBER INOVATIONS" in 2010 includes:
1. Servo motors and encoders.
2. CNC control (industrial pc with SSD), power supply and amplifiers.
3. Windows XP PC interface with "Frontend" user friendly software.

Laser source:
Model: SL2000 (2KW) PRC + ICS water chiller.
Fully rebuilt at 7/2014 includes:
1. Glass tubes + anodes \ cathodes.
2. HV wires.
3. Water tubing.
4. Turbo Compressor.
5. Inverter.
6. Heat exchangers.
7. Optics (Mirrors etc').
8. HV electric board.
9. 24DC power supply.
10. Gas system.

Super price: EUR 15,000 !!!
A spare parts kit of a value of approx. U$D 10,000 will be included

Brand name Data Technology (Today Gerber Innovations) USA . also known as DataTech
Model FL 9660 + RL
Build in 1995 - most parts renewed
In Production Yes, can be seen in Israel
Availability January 2019
Condition Good, many parts renewed


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