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EUR 24,900 - CO2-Laser Cutlite Penta for flat dies

Article number31077
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Rating(4) Running condition, good
In productionNo

Detailed information

Machine Type CO2-Laser with filtering system

Cutlite Penta MPL 2515 -  lasermachine for flat dies equipped with semisealed slow flow CO2 500 W laser

  • working area 2.500 x 1.500 mm
  • closed cooling water circuit with chiller
  • CNC control on PC base
  • Processor for translating data CF2/DXF into CNC code
  • Cutting speed (2 pt, 18 mm finish birch) 30 m/h
  • Positioning precision +/- 0,05 mm/m
  • Travelling speed 20 m/min
  • Electrical power 18 KW
  • Typical gas consumption 30 Nl/h
  • Maximum System Overall  3.900 x 3.500 x 2.500 mm
  • Weight 4.000 kg
Brand name Cutlite Penta (Italy) 
Model MPL2515
Build in 2005 (working just some hours a day at a display producer)
In Production Not yet, we grant that the machine works well after installation
Cost for installation depends on the location of the buyer
Availability immediately
Condition good! Good



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