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    Kongsberg i-XL44

    Kongsberg i-XL44
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    Kongsberg i-XL44

    Max sheet size 2.210 x 3.050 mm.
    Machine size 3.730 x 2.780mm.

    Sheet feeder I-XL4X sheet feeder via MGE = former i-cut vision company
    Multi Purpose High Frequency knife tool
    General purpose knife tool
    Multicut i-Package Ø40
    Vacuum cleaner for Multicut with starter
    Contactor 16A C16 230V 50/60Hz for vacuum cleaner
    Overload relay vacuum pump
    Keyboard I-cut French keyboard
    Add On MGE Computer Stand i-XL MGE stand - revolving work station from MGE
    Addon sheet feeder: i-XL attributes for the sheet feeder
    i-Cut software v6.0
    i-Cut vision software - controller software for i-XL systems
    i-XL4x roll vinyl holder
    Vacuum pump
    I-XL keyboard
    CREASE TOOL CORR Ø26 FLEXIHEAD creasing tool with 26mm wheel adaptor
    CREASE WHEEL 6P Ø26 crease wheel 26mm diameter - 6 pt
    CREASE WHEEL 10P Ø26  crease wheel 26mm diameter - 10 pt
    CREASE WHEEL 3P Ø26 crease wheel 26mm diameter - 3 pt


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