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    ultrabender & cutter ECO automatic bender

    ultrabender ECO automatic bender
    Price on request

    Automatic bending machine ultrabender Eco EC200BC, prepared for 2 & 3 pt., Machine complete checked and in part refurbished by the manufacturesr in Hungary. Two tool cassettes, resharped.

    THis machine is an AUTOBENDER & AUTOCUTTER, as a second machine to process the straight rules is equipped with the machine. The rule processor is just for straight cut and notch creasing / scoring rules.

    The machine can in-line cut, notch and than bend. Lipping for 3 pt. is done separatelly on the attached hydraulik lipper. The software calculate the cut in length automaticatly to make this process acordingly.

    Technical specification

    Article number 33117
    condition(5) Very good condition, almost new
    In production
    Upon request
    Brand name
    ultrabenderRichly Top
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