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    Slab-Laser Rofin DC035

    Slab-Laser Rofin DC035

    Slab-Laser Rofin DC035 - Special Offer! ideal for die-making

    The HF tube has approx. 14500 h
    Last change of HF-tube was in Nov/2016
    Laser-cabinet is an LasCon

    laser source SLAB-2 was fully serviced
    opened recipient for inspection
    vacuum test for 24 hours !
    checked and cleaned all external optics
    carried out a beam alignment and adjusted the mode shape
    all optics are in a used but acceptable condition     
    after servicing the laser was test running for a couple of hours

    This laser works very good and reliable,
    it is in visually and technically good condition 
    after down grading of  the nominal out put power
    to 3000 watt the laser performance very stable and has
    enough control reserve

    reworking and refurbishment of the laser source
    for max.output power of 3500 watt possible
    pls ask for separate quotation

    Technical specification

    Article number 31113
    condition(4) Running condition, good
    In production
    Upon request
    Brand name
    Rofin SinarDC035
    built in