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    Sheet Stacker BS 2150-to add to any plotter

    Sheet Stacker BS 2150
    Price on request

    Sheet Stacker BS 2150

    The sheet stacker is an automatic stacking machine for cut paper, cardboard, corrugated boards and other materials. This picks up the sheets from the cutting plotter and stacks them in a pallet.

    This is an automatic stacker to add or connect to any existing digital cutter working as production machine. They stack the ready boxes over a pallet placed under the stacker. Please see the attached video.

    „The interaction of cutting plotter and sheet paper stacker can be achieved via a data exchange takes place. However, a self-sufficient variant via an internal sensor system is just as possible. The Sheet paper stacker is thus useable for every cutting plotter and on the required format size configurable. The sheet paper stacker impresses with its very simple operation. Loading and unloading is possible from the front or from one side. Thus, the products can be conveniently removed with a pallet truck.

    As an option, the lifting table could move completely up and the products can be removed from a desired working height or to break out be further processed.“

    For more information, please contact: 

    Gartenstraße 70
    01445 Radebeul

    Telefon: +49 (0)351 79565580

    Installation area                 (depends on format) 4500 x 3000 x 800 mm
    Format size configurable   3000 x 2150 mm
    Working height                   770 mm
    Max. belt speed                 1m/s
    Min duty cycle                    20s
    Max. stacking height          350 mm
    Voltage                               400V/N/PE
    Frequency                          50Hz
    Rated power                       2.5 KVA
    Rated current                      5.2A
    Weight                                 950 kg
    Drives servo motors
    All properties marked with (*) can be configured by us for you."

    Technical specification

    Article number 36095
    On request
    Brand name
    built in
    2023NEW machine


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