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    Lesyk Nick grinder / Perfo-Rule machine, for grinding multiple rules at once

    DieTech Nick grinder for grinding multiple rules at once

    Lesyk / DieTech nick grinder for grinding the nicks exactly in determinated places on many rules at the same time. Its possible to put 22 cutting rules of 2 pt. and 500 mm long at the same time.
    Also ideal to produce your own perforating and cut-crease rules. Machine just refreshed and in perfect conditions.
    this system consist of a structure which keeps up to 22 steel rules fixed (by air pressure) and a in X and Y moving bed, carrying an elecrical grinding machines. With the help of a crank and a counter, you can place the grinding disc exactly in position and proceed to grind nicks or perfo-rules.
    Mounted on a table or without table. Includes 100 grinding discs

    Technical specification

    Article number 81025
    condition(4) Running condition, good
    In production