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    Cutlite Penta PLUS 2515 2200 Watt

    Price on request

    Used Plus 2515 CO2-Laser for diemaking Cutlite Penta Plus 2515 Size: 2500 x 1500 mm 2200 Watt laser power Laser with 2,2 kW made in Italy by el.en.- Please contact direct the seller (One of the leading die-maker in the world) for further information.

    Technical specification

    Article number 31079
    Conditioncondition(4) Running condition, good
    In productionYes
    AvailabilityOn request
    Brand nameCutlite Penta
    Build In2011


    3972_20191123150237_Freigestellt Plus_2515_grau.bmp
    3972_20191123150449_Plus 2015.bmp
    3972_20191123150450_Seitenansicht Plus 2015.bmp