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    Cosign X500 SCP Counter Cutter for Steel, Pertinax counters, Rubber cutting, sample maker

    Milling: Steel counter, Pertinax, Cut rubber, samples, routing wood
    Price on request

    CoSign X500 SCP Milling System for milling

    - the creasing channel on steel plates of hardness 20 to 52 HRC, also for

    - milling phenolic counters (Pertinax matrices or rillma) and also with the option of an

    - oscillating knive to cut ejection rubber,

    - knife + creasing module to make samples.

    - Milling lower Stripping board...

    - The newest Option is the one for measure the cutting dies and know the tolerances according which the steel counter plate will be produced.

    A complete software package is also available as option, to make your life easier and be quick and exact in preparing the data for all the functions.

    Technical specification

    Article number 32025
    condition(5) Very good condition, almost new
    In production
    Upon request
    On request
    Brand name
    boXpert CoSign
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