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    Automatic Pin Setter for upper stripping tools


    Automatic pin setter. Set / insert the stripping pins, of different diameter, automaticatly into the dieboard (upper stripping board), whithout the need of make the holes on the board with laser before.
    Machine composed of a Lasercomb CNC-table and the shooting / pressing unit with magazin for the pins. Can be inspected in Switzerland. The price include 1-2 days training at the site of the seller. Price is "as it is, where it is"

    It is required to set to this machine hte software «Verpack» or «Expert’Strip».which is not included in the price. Thiis software is offered by 

    Technical specification

    Article number 44005
    Conditioncondition(4) Running condition, good
    In productionYes
    Brand nameMetall+Plastic
    Build In2001