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    2022 Braille punching machine for Braille-Embossing

    Braille punching machine
    Price on request

    New model LEGITOS 2022: Simply, smard and light machine to produce any kind of Braille patrice (any standard), also ACCUBraille, VegaBraille, DianaBraille, OmegaBraille and any size of braille for using on a folding gluer or togehter with steel rule dies or cutting formes.
    This is a new development for a light version, incl. PC. with additional features, like engraving the name or order number by blue-laser and also a dot.-controller.

    The machine runs as follows:
    * Pre-made steel plates are placed in the X/Y table.
    * A pneumatic unit punch while the X/Y table moves the steel plate on the right position. 
    * The dots are made really according Marburg Medium:To reach that 3 different types of pins are available, according to the thickness of the cardboard.

    - Input of letters are tranlated in Braille-dot-positions

    - also input as picture

    Price starting from EUR 14,500. Please contact Horst Ranke  or

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